Victori 1

It must be written somewhere that, “All roads are made for two and true love is ordering matching road bikes to ride them.” That must have been Victor and Lori’s perspective when they put in their order with RollingDale.

As romantic as this commission appeared, this was Dale’s first experience measuring a couple’s individual needs and trying to marrying the two. Lucky for Dale there was no need for a justice of the peace because Lori allowed the guys to feel like they were in charge.

Known for his attention to detail, painstaking research and exquisite taste, Victor was tickled that Lori never rebuked his constant advances. At first glance it is easy to see how this dashing couple were made for each other. Look a little closer and you’ll see that their dimensions, diameters and anodizing anomalies reveal their truly unique personalities.

Thanks to Dale (and Lori) this beautiful couple will be riding partners for life.