Got the itch? Here’s the process in ten easy steps:

#1 – Get a hold of Dale. Your best bet is to use the contact form below.

#2 – Meet with Dale to share your vision for the perfect ride.

#3 – Dale draws up your frame in Bikecad based on the vision from your brain and the measurements from your body.

#4 – Fiddle with it. Tweak it. Mix and match it until your vision appears on paper. Approve it.

#5 – Dale provides an estimated delivery date. Please note the word “estimated”.

#6 – Dale keeps you apprised of the build as it progresses – pictures mostly.

#7 – Assembly of parts with the finished frame. Start making arrangements to welcome the new addition.

#8 – Pace and chew your nails. 

#9 – Take delivery!!

#10 – Enjoy the bike of your dreams for years to come.

Contact Form (See Step 1 above)