La Pierre

The ultimate custom bike commissions require a stack of challenges that line-up one after the other causing the builders’ brain to near burst with anticipation. A brain bursting order arrived at RollingDale headquarters in the form of a man of slight stature who was bitten by a massive fly-fishing bug.

Pierre and his posse make an annual sojourn to a remote mountain stream where they wine away a few days pestering the local trout with assorted flies and sordid jokes. Pierre’s problem is a first-rate fishin’ hole that’s smack dab in the middle of Canadian nowhere and only accessible by bike. Add the remote destination to a penchant for trekking in with amenities often reserved for porters, mule trains or airplanes. Together, these minor challenges add-up to a considerable conundrum; namely a small statured fella with a big appetite for gear who wants to navigate the backwoods in style and comfort.

Dale’s creation made a great time fishing even better. Pierre’s sturdy fishing frame meshes perfectly with a capacious trailer designed to swing through single track and land him safely at camp. Imagine a scene from A River Runs Through It where Brad arrives at the river’s edge on a shiny, sturdy, titanium steed and trailer to match. Dale and Pierre figure it would have kept him out of trouble.

We got carried away and forget to mention that it’s also equipped with a discrete Vivax motor that adds enough power for a few extra bottles of wine, beer and port to make the trip.