Boundless Daniella

This impeccable bike was delivered to Dale’s most challenging client. An extra special person who has made a lifelong habit out of getting her way – his daughter Daniella.

Daniella insisted on a bike with loads of latitude; something that would find its way home no matter the conditions. Used to the plush life, Daniella needed her ride to navigate Northern potholes, eschew elevations and orienteer its way from one rural route to the next, washboards and all. Needless to say, Dad delivered.

The small, yet spacious frame matched Daniella’s right down to the tips of her toe clearance. A plush and protected 650B setup mapped physically and functionally to his precious client’s exacting “orders”.

Because no self-respecting father wants his daughter to leave the house without a proper coat meant that Daniella’s frame became RollingDale’s first frame to get all dressed-up in custom paint from Toronto’s VéloColour. Yes, she’s a spoiled child!

Despite life’s roads not always being the smoothest, this loving creation helps Dale know that his “most challenging client” will be able to go far in any direction she chooses.