Meet Dale

Dale Marchand is the guy next door, the guy who lends a hand, the one who nods and says, “Hello”. He’s also the lead welder, machinist, and all-around, obsessive bike builder who started RollingDale Cycle. Dale is the kind of guy who makes the perfect partner for realizing a one-of-a-kind custom ride.

Never idle, it’s Dale’s hands that tell the story of his love for the craft. When his mitts aren’t busy sketching the next frame or manipulating metal, they are busy strumming his guitar or fiddling with his near perfect shop.

Most people are surprised to hear that a lickety-split Blue Grass classic has the perfect rhythm for laying down stacks of dimes on a smokin’ hot, titanium frame. Dale’s steady rhythm can be seen as he works his way from mammoth mill to fine-tuned fixtures; each tool tuned to an extremely minor scale.

A true craftsman, Dale loves making music by bending, shaping and joining raw titanium tubes until they come together in perfect harmony.